Theres beef between Tana Mongeau and Catherine Paiz?!?!?


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Jul 25, 2021
Hi babes,
So as most of you know already,... Austin Mcboom is a big fat cheater and several girls and more(lol) have come foward to confirm this assumption which is now a fact.
One time Jake and Tana were in the car together when Catherine faced timed Jake paul screaming if the lipstick she had found in Austins car was Tanas and Tana responded that it was hers. She had tweeted about this incident saying that it wasnt hers but she said that because Austin was crying and in fear and Tana just did it for the kids...

Anywaysss in more recent new Tana recently went on Moms Basement which is hosted by Keemstar and exposed that alot of people like Shane Dawnsons, James Charles, Catherine.. etc

Faze bought up some points regarding Austins cheating scandals and said that they are thinking more longterm than short-term which is smart. Catherine is not dumb and already knows that Austin is cheating but to confess this over the internet would mean that their whole brand which is based upon "Family" would collapse...
So in his words " they probably have a mutual agreement which is to deny all allegations and keep the money rolling in".
This is just speculation but this would make a lot of sense.

After this podcast was aired there was more attention that was brought to the Ace family. They were recently shown being ambushed by a paparazi that asked multiple questions...( I linked it for you guys)
One thing that stood out to me is when the person asked about Trisha Paytas( who mentioned the cheating drama previously) and Tana and Catherine literally replied " i dont know who they are" LMAOOOO!!!!!

Whats your opinions on this situation. Isnt it pretty crazy....?

Heres the links to this drama.