Olivia Rodrigo is getting dragged on TikTok for her Merch!


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Jul 25, 2021
Olivia Rodriogos from my understandings is a popular artist who exploded on Tik Tok for her notable song "good for you".
Here is a song reference
Well, this superstar literally has been killing it and making some good songs and even most recently came out with an album!

Always like any successful artist, she came out with merch and a lot of people bought her merch and it practically sold out QUICK!
Her merch took a long time to get delivered to her fans .... and many became a little annoyed... because it was taking around 2 months????
Then at last!!! people started to get their merch in the mail to only discover that it was not what they expected..... the material was cheap and the quality was awful.. straight up chicken scraps LMAO
One girl explained in a Tiktok that the merch online signified that there were going to be cuffs on the long sleeve and when she got it in the mail there were no cuffs at all...
Um false advertising ALERT!!!!!
Whoever approved this merch needs to get fired because it's making this girl's image look like shit,......