Fitness Influencers don't know what they are doing?


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Jul 25, 2021
These fitness influencers push their ideas of "what fitness is" onto their young followers.

For example this one influencer is highly into lifting but look at her legs. As a fitness fanatic you cant tell people to do these types of exercises while not understand the fundamentals yourself. Clearly by the look at her legs she is exceeding hella calories and lifting way above her means which is causing alot of fat to stay collected above her knees which is making them look distorted.
When you first begin fitness you have to ask yourself what you want to do..
lose weight or gain weight.?Most people want to lose weight then tone up. Every direction requires different approaches....
Most influencers dont know anything and do what they think they know is good and where people lose track in their fitness goals is when they focus their attention too much on a specific muscle group. This girl is focusing her attention way too much on her legs and is not balancing out her attention on her glutes, arms, abs etc..
This is what happens when you dont follow a correct workout split nor a specific diet that is allowing your body to collect muscle and thus not focus its attention on fat absorption.

No hate at her but this is what is wrong with the fitness industry that is sponsoring these girls. They only follow the numbers on peoples followings to BENEFIT their interest. And whatever trend occurs they always bandwagon on it because it will make thier brand look good like " body acceptance" and etc

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